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美颜养颜汤包 Beauty Soup Pack

RM 15.00

简易汤包 (适合2-4 人份) 适合一家大小, 爱美的你我  


  • 滋润皮肤
  • 清心润肺
  • 美颜养颜 

材料:红枣,枸杞, 龙眼干,山药,党参,玉竹,霸王花 

保存期限:6个月 (存放于雪柜)

This soup is suitable for everyone 


  • strengthening spleen and lungs, dispel phlegm 

Ingredients: red dates, gojiberry, longan, chinese yam, dang shen,  yuzhu, night blooming cereus 

Best to use: 6 month (keep refrigerated)