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【止咳止喘】鳄鱼干化痰止咳汤包 Dried Crocodile Meat Cough Relief Soup Pack

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中医认为,鳄鱼肉益气润肺、平喘止咳、补肾固精。 现代研究显示,鳄鱼肉内含有大量鳄鱼多醣,能在发炎的呼吸道黏膜上形成一层保护膜,因此具有抗感染、抗过敏反应、增强身体免疫力的功效,有助于调理心肺功能,又能补补血及滋养心肺。 

简易汤包 (适合2-4 人份) 适合一家大小,慢性咳嗽、哮喘、多痰,易感冒伤风人士。 


  • 止咳化痰定喘
  • 清热润肺 


煮法 : 

  1. 汤料用水冲洗干净后,加入适量的 1500-2000ml 清水和肉类放入锅 
  2. 然后加上盖子,关小火慢煲2-3个小时 
  3. 煮好之后加盐调味即可食用

保存期限:6个月 (存放于雪柜)

In TCM, crocodile meat is known to have therapeutic effect for asthma and coughing problems. It is used to nourish yin of the lung, resolve phlegm and relieve cough. Modern studies also showed that eating crocodile meat can improve body immunity. anti-inflammation on respiratory tracts, and anti allergy.  

This soup is suitable for everyone, especially for those who has chronic coughing , asthmatic, cough with phlegm and susceptible to colds and flu.  


  • relieving cough and reduce phlegm
  • anti asthmatic
  • nourishing lung and blood.   

Ingredients: dried crocodile meat, dried sea coconut, fig,  tangerine peel  etc 

Best to use: 6 month (keep refrigerated)