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【袪湿】【补气血】秘制肉骨茶汤包 Bak Kut Teh Herbal Pack

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用料: 2kg肉骨, 蒜头8颗,黑酱油2匙,生抽4匙,盐少许,2升清水。

1. 汆烫肉骨备用
2. 将清水煮沸并加入肉骨,药材及蒜头,以小火煮约1小时或至肉骨柔软,然后加入调味料

保存期限:6个月 (存放于雪柜)

Formulated with our secret recipe, our Bak Kut Teh herbal pack is fulled of flavour and super herbalicious.  

Preparation: 2kg meats, 8 pieces of garlic, 2 spoons of black soya sauce, 4 spoons of light soya sauce, salt and 2L of water.

Cooking instruction:
1.Rinse the meat and boil it for 5 minutes to remove excess dirt and blood.
2.When water is boiled, put in the meat and herbs to cook for 1 hour or until meat is tender. Add in soya sauces, salt to taste before serving.

Best to use: 6 months (Keep refrigerated)