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30天月子药膳汤包 30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup Pack Package

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我们家医师可根据准妈妈的体质或需求, 如素食、哺乳、手术后或产后瘦身调配汤包, 无额外费用喔。


Our confinement herbal soup pack are carefully paired and selected for every stage of confinement.  Our soup packs are conveniently pre-packed into 30 days packets for each day’s consumption. Easy and convenient to prepare 

First stage (1-10 days) focuses on womb recovery, reduce blood stasis and lochia, uterus healing.  Woman tends to lose many bloods during labor, and continues bleeding until the womb resume to normal size. Hence, we concentrate on enhancing digestive functions in order for better nutrient absorption, to promote better metabolism, dispel excess wind from the labor and expel lochia.

Second stage (11-20 days) focuses on Qi, blood replenishment and encourages healthy milk supply. Woman experienced hormonal and body changes during the pregnancy.  At this stage, we focus on strengthening body structure, replenish blood and adjust the imbalance of the body as woman experienced hormonal and body changes during pregnancy. Meanwhile, it is also important to boost up breast milk production by supplementing extra fluid and Qi through diet.

Final stage (21-30 days) is regaining vitality and strength.  At this final stage of recovery, it is important to promote better healing, fight pre-matured aging and preparing you for future pregnancies. Our confinement soup pack is designed to regain the balance of hormone, nourishing blood and Qi, improving blood circulation in order to strengthen such a woman’s physique.

We can customized the ingredients according needs, such as vegetarian, breastfeeding, post-cesarean or weigh loss without additional charge.

Note: Please be informed that we will take 2-3 working days to pack and dispatch.