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暖暖爱心汤包 (RM50或以上,西马免邮)

RM 34.90

元康中医推出暖暖❤️汤包 (售价RM34.90)  每售出一套,元康中医会捐出RM5叁娘善心老人院 . 老小孩因你而更加温暖



固发汤  x 1

无花果虫草花汤 x1

南芪清心汤 x1

同时,凡购买一组暖暖汤包者,将免费得到200g 无硫磺大红枣


叁娘善心老人院 San Riang Senior Citizen’s Home is a non-profit NGO, located in Triang, Pahang. It is a centre that housed around 932 senior citizens that combines dialysis and hospice care. It is also a centre that integrate mental care, life care and environmentalism.  As the pandemic has causes significant impact on donations and helps from the community, the centre is currently struggling on funding to support the daily operation.

Vhealth TCM will be donating RM5 for every combo of herbal package to 叁娘善心老人院 San Riang Senior Citizen’s Home.  Your purchase of our soup pack combo provides critically needed fund for these lovely old folks. 

This ❤️For All Soup combo is RM34.90 and consists of,

1) Prevent Hair Lost Soup x 1 pack

2) Fid and Cordyceps Flower Soup x 1 pack

3)Hairy Fig Mind Calming Soup x 1 pack

FREE Premium Grade Red Dates (Size XL) x200g

It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving💪💪

Let’s shop for good deeds 😍😍