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【清热】【利水】 竹蔗凉茶 Sugar Cane Cooling Tea

RM 6.90


  1. 清热除烦
  2. 润肺美颜
  3. 利尿通便


材料: 竹蔗, 海底椰,雪耳,蜜枣等等

保存期限:6个月 (存放于雪柜)


  1. Clear heat and soothing 
  2. Nourishing lungs and good for skin complexion
  3. Promote more urination and bowel movement. 

Suitable for foul breath, mouth ulcers, feverish, acne, constipation, agitated, night owl. 

Ingredients: Sugar cane, sea coconut, snow fungus, honey dates etc. 

Best to use: 6 months (Keep refrigerated)