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夏枯草/Prunella Vulgaris/ Prunella Spike/ XiaKuCao 100g

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作用: 清火,明目, 散结,消肿 


  1. 将夏枯草草冲洗干净,加入1500ml 清水,大火煮开,小火继续煮45分钟即可。 
  2. 可选择性加入罗汉果或者菊花加强效果。 
  3. 可加冰糖或石蜂糖调味。  

Actions: Clear heat, improve visions, disperses clumps, reduces swelling 

Cooking Instructions: 

  1. Rinse the herbs with water, add in 1500ml of water, boil it over high heat and continue boil for 45 mins with low heat. 
  2. May add in dried monk fruit or chrysanthemum for better cooling effect. 
  3. May add in rock sugar or  honey rock sugar for sweetness.  

重量/ Weight:± 100g