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大风艾澡包 Confinement Herbal Bath *10 packs

RM 32.00


  1. 将一包放入18公升的水中(可加入几片姜) 煮至滚沸,再以慢火煮10-15分钟即可 
  2. 置放至适当的温度,或加入已煮过的开水降温,既可. 


  1. 加速血液循环 
  2. 祛风 
  3. 纾筋通络 

建议:生产后的30- 45天内连续使用可避免产妇受风寒侵入而导致年老时患上风湿疾病的可能性. 

重量:±50g/pack * 10 

Method of Application: 

  1. Place one packet into a container of 18 liters water (can also put some ginger) 
  2. Boil, then leave to simmer for 10-15 minutes. 
  3. Allow to cool to a suitable temperature (or add in the boiled water) before shower 


  1. Improve blood circulation 
  2. Prevent moisture from causing ailments i.e. headache & joint pain 
  3. Relief pain after childbirth 

Recommendation: Bath with confinement herbal bath pack for 30-45 days after childbirth.   

Weight: ±50g/pack *10