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天然发酵健康酵素 Enzyme Vinegar for Health and Weight Lost

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山楂酵素 - 帮忙排走身上油滋滋的肥油,帮助睡眠 (店长刚饮用时排出一身的臭汗,现在身上没‘小狐’的味道了,当然也帮助店主排出便便咯)  

东革阿里酵素 – 不只是男人的圣品,女人也当作产后补品。抗氧化,抗风湿,增强免疫力,降低胆固醇,降低血糖,改善前列腺问题等  

通心酵素 - 心脏的好帮手,血管的清道夫 (店长的至爱! 对万年偏头痛很管用哟!) 

100%天然发酵酵素 •无防腐剂 •无色素 •无添加剂 

Enzyme vinegar is rich in vitamins and amino acids, calcium acetate can be synthesized n the body calcium, physically strong, also rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, increase the body's resistance, also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, can improve immunity and prevent cold. 

Hawthorn -  Detox, Weight Control, Relieve Indigestion, Soften Blood Vessels 

Tongkat Ali - Antioxidant, Enhance Immunity, Reduce Cholesterol, Reduce Blood Sugar, Improve Prostrate & Bladder Problem 

Tong Xin - Improve Blood Circulation, Soften Blood Vessel    

100% natural fermentation enzyme vinegar. 

*No Preservatives *No Artificial Colouring *No Chemical Additives 

Net Weight: 375ml 

photos credited by Eagle Leong PJ