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清肺抗疫茶 Immune Booster Tea

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组成:黄芪,北沙参,桑叶,菊花,桔梗,芦根,连翘,茯苓,白术,杏仁组成。 不寒不燥,适合天气炎热潮湿,容易咳嗽、咽喉干或疼痛、易得口腔溃疡、发热人士、吸烟人士、常外出应酬人士。 


不适合:怀孕、哺乳中妇女,肾病, G6PD患者或咨询中医师。  

Immune Booster Tea 

Our immune booster tea is blended with no preservative, no colouring and no artificial flavours herbs.  

Ingredients: astragalus, adenophora, mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, platycadon, reed root, forsythia, poriaatractylodes, almond.  

Benefits of Immune Booster Tea 

  1. Strengthen lung function- stop cough and clears the lungs 增强肺部功能 

  1. Disperses heat and dispel dampness 清热袪湿 

  1. Nourishing and prevent dryness 滋阴清润 

  1. Strengthen immune system 扶正补虚 

Cooking method: Rinse all the herbs and add in 2L of water, boil for 45 minutes.  

Not suitable for pregnant lady, breastfeeding and chronic kidney disorder,  G6PD patient. Please consult your TCM physician before consuming.