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舒鼻贴 *鼻塞*鼻炎*流鼻涕* Nosesmooth Herbal Plaster*Nasal Congestion* Sinus*

RM 7.50

功效: 傳統用於緩解鼻塞、流鼻涕等鼻炎等症狀。


成分: 黃芩、白芷、當歸、薄荷、乾薑、辣椒 

使用方法: 將貼布表面塑膠膜拉開,再將貼布貼於鼻翼兩旁。 

注意事項 : • 避免接觸眼睛 • 若皮膚過敏請停用 • 過敏反應者(紅疹、癢),使用前請先諮詢醫生 

規格: 3包 x 6貼 

USAGE: Traditionally used for relief of nasal congestion and sinusitis. 

Apply the plaster on the nosewing part. 

INGREDIENTS: Radix Scutellaria balcalensis, Radix Angelica dahuricae, Radix Angelica sinensis, Herba Menthae haplocalyx (Menthol), Rhizoma Zingiber officinale, Frustus Capsicum fructescens. 

DIRECTION: Apply the plaster on the nosewing part at any time when needed. 

PACKING: 3 pkt x 6 nos 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Individual with nasal congestion and sinusitis 

PRECAUTION: • Avoid contact with eyes. • Do not apply to wounds or damage skin. • Overdose may induce skin irritation