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补之饮 Beauty Solution with Cranberry Essence, 6x50ml

RM 74.50

Beauty and health of each woman depends on their "Monthly Health Management", every woman shall love themselves. 

Le Shenz Beauy is made from a herbal recipe with selected precious raw plant materials to promote youth and beauty. It combined with cranberry to provide more nourishing value. 

Women! Let's bright up our life!!

Who: Ladies who wish to have a GOOD COMPLEXION, have irregular Monthly Blue and would like to make up the body 

Packing: 6 bottles x 50ml 

Dosage: Consume 1 bottle daily after menstruation period for 6 continuous days 

Functions: Nourishing blood, tonifying qi, reduce swelling, helps to relieve fatigue, helps to relieve backache during mentrustion period and regulate monthly cycle 

This product has been registered and accredited by Halal authority 

Photos credited to Le Shenz/Sun Ten