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【滋润】雪梨杏仁海底椰汤 Moisturising Asian Pear Herbal Soup

RM 9.90

简易汤包 (适合2-4 人份) 适合男女老少,燥热咳嗽,睡眠不足,唇干咽燥,烟酒过多 


  • 滋补皮肤
  • 健脾益胃 

材料:雪梨,杏仁,海底椰. 红枣,百合等药材 

保存期限:6个月 (存放于雪柜)

This soup is suitable for everyone (especially  those has dry cough, lack of sleep, smoker and drinker) 


  • Nourishing skin and strengthening digestive system 

Ingredients: dried Asian pear, almond, sea coconut, red dates, lily bubs etc.

Best to use: 6 month (keep refrigerated)