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【补肺益气】【安神】南芪清心汤 Hairy Fig Mind Calming Soup

RM 10.00

简易汤包 (适合3-5 人份) 适合男女老少,适合更年期,干咳,发热,身体酸痛,吸烟人士 

材料: 南芪,海底椰,无花果等精选材料 

煮法 : 

1.汤料用水冲洗干净后,加入适量的 1500-2000ml 清水放入锅 



This soup is suitable for everyone, suitable for menopause,  dry cough, feverish sensation, body ache with unknown reason and smokers (3-5 servings). 

Ingredients: Nan Qi, sea coconut, fig etc 


1. Rinse all herbs before cook 

2. Add 1500-2000 ml water, bring to boil and then simmer for 2-3 hours 

3. Add salt as desired