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28天素食月子汤包 28 Days Vegetarian Confinement Herbal Soup Pack

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元康中医推出28天素食月子汤包, 适合全素妈妈、不喜欢肉食的妈妈以及怕胖的妈妈!




Calling out for vegetarian mummies! We heard you!!

Vegetarian mothers are always concern and worried about their meals for confinement. Confinement diet is important in Asian culture, post natal mothers are expected to eat well so you can get your strength and physique restore quickly, and vegetarian diet is always discourage to continue as most of us will have the perception that vegetarian confinement meal is lack of nutrients and not tonify enough.

Let’s us sweep away all your worries! VhealthTCM is launching our 28 days vegetarian confinement soup packs for vegetarian mummy, mummy who doesn’t favour so much of meat product, or mummy who is looking for lower calories confinement soup packs, and even better- STRESS FREE CONFINEMENT!

The vegetarian soup packs is designed according to the nutrient needs during the confinement period. It takes minimal effort to churn you a quick, healthy, nutritious confinement soup. Vegetarian soup can be as flavorful and full of nutrients as normal meat-base confinement soup.

Note: Please be informed that we will take 2-3 working days to pack and dispatch.