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Gromwell Herbal Balm for Skin Inflammation and Eczeme 紫云膏

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Traditionally, Gromwell used widely in Chinese Medical. It demonstrates the antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and anti-inflamantory characteristic which helps to reduce eczema, prickly heat and itchiness.. 

Also, it is good for cuts, rashes and burn.  

紫草有鎮定,消炎,解毒透疹.抗菌、抗發炎、抑制真菌、促進傷口癒再生等藥理效用尤其是对異位性皮膚炎的患者更是有益 I

ngredients: Gromwell Root 紫根, Angelina Sinensis 当归,Beewax 蜜蜡,Oleum Sesame Indicum 胡麻油  

Usage: Apply to affected area several times a day 

Weight: ±10 grams